Save Hong Kong from China

Save Hong Kong from China
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Saturday, 10 December 2016



Monday, 5 December 2016



Hong Kong left-plastics often simultaneously use two contradictory arguments: "Don't-make-commies-happy" and "Don't-make-commies-angry". See the links for more details (in Chinese... one day I will write the English version...)

As it happens, those in the West are the same. Before Trump was elected, everyone accuses him of being friendly with Russia and China, and those countries will be most pleased to see a Trump win, and therefore it is wrong to vote for Trump. Now that Trump has called the Taiwanese president to anger China, the very same bunch of people come out to criticize him of provoking China.

(And of all the reasons not to support Trump, this one is the most ridiculous. Yes, he has said Putin-friendly things, but who are you, of all people, to accuse him of this? All the Russia aggression in Crimea, Syria, etc, happened under Obama, Clinton etc. What have you done about it, other than sounding fierce? Sanctions? Please. It is the western world's weakness that encouraged the Putin aggression.)

As another example of their double standards, when they lost the Brexit vote, they said it shouldn't count because even though the yes vote won 52:48, the turnout was only 70% or so, so the yes supporters were only 35% of the country and so "the majority did not vote for Brexit". And when they lose the US elections they then say that "we won the majority vote" (when the turnout was only around 50%).

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


(1) 古德明,熱血公民的大計
二零一零年,民主派也曾發起「五區公投」,也曾挾公投民意,呼籲「實行真普選,取消功能組別」,奈何中共充耳不聞。現在,黃毓民這邊廂痛詆民主派,那邊廂卻要師民主派故智,是一奇; ...


(2) 古德明經常在專欄攻擊陳雲、熱血等,說他們是共產黨派來,這個容易理解。不過他向來欣賞的公民黨,最近張德江「訪」港時,梁家傑等流晒口水醜態盡現,不知他又有何意見,怎麼好像不見其為文評論?

Thursday, 31 March 2016



將推出一內置10核CPU、內置6GB RAM及配備21MP Sony IMX230鏡頭的高階手機

就像facebook上以報道F1消息為主的「F1 Video」,剛釋出一條疑似內部訓練之用的VR眼罩


Sunday, 13 March 2016

An article introducing "localism" at Hong Kong

'If you love China, you hate Hong Kong'

As far as English media is concerned, this is a reasonably accurate and less biased article...

On one level, it is about ring-fencing Hong Kong's identity and resources.
Says Dr Lee: "Localism is very strongly grounded in the differences between Hong Kongers and the 'invading' mainlanders'. Localists hate tolerance; they focus on Hong Kong's identity as a distinctive ethnic group, whose interests are being damaged."

Thus, for instance, rowdy localist protesters heckle mainland day-trippers as "locusts who deprive locals" of goods like formula milk. The entry of mainland immigrants, subject to a daily quota of 150, is also a festering issue. The mainland authorities decide who gets to come in.

Mr Lau underscores the unease, saying: "They are here, not just as tourists but residents, speaking putonghua (Mandarin). And you wonder, am I in Hong Kong or China?"

IT manager S. C. Lam, 40, says he supports localism. "We have lost too much to the Chinese - our economy, social welfare, our water. Traditional ways have not worked, so let's give localism a shot."

More importantly, by becoming a force in the political field, it forces the moderate pan-Democrats to "radicalise", says Mr Yau. "We will not get half (the support), but we can influence the centre."

Beijing's reaction to all this has been expectedly thunderous - it has branded the Mongkok rioters "separatists" - a label Mr Chow says he accepts "with honour".

Asked whether localism will simply cause Beijing to tighten its grip on Hong Kong, such as by ramming through an anti-subversion law, Mr Lau says: "It will happen anyway."

On the old-school pan-Democrats who have said they are Chinese patriots who "love China but hate the CCP", he says: "To us, if you love China, you hate Hong Kong."

Dr Lee says: "The degree of venom towards the pan-Democrats is even higher than towards the pro-Beijing establishment because localists see them as selling out."

Friday, 26 February 2016

【顧全大局 全民投 6 】

真正顧全大局的香港人,只有投 6 號梁天琦。

於 1997 年,中共在未經香港人授權下強行接管香港。多年來不斷違反一國兩制,除拒絕兌現真普選承諾外,更用每日 150 持單程證的大陸人溝淡香港本土人口,期間本港無權審批,並以雙非兒童、無上限自由行搶奪香港人福利及土地資源。


可惜香港的泛民主派為了一己私利,為了自身界別社福界及教育界的利益,不但沒有抵抗中共殖民惡行,更包庇大陸人來港侵吞香港人福利,包括於 2014 年聯署支持大陸人來港 1 年即可申領綜援 (21 位泛民議員)、爭取雙非兒童申領綜援 (張超雄)、鼓勵港中家庭團聚(蔡耀昌)、反對限奶令 (鄭家富)……


光復香港,時代革命。二月二十八日,為顧全大局,向中共殖民說不, 只有投 6 號 梁天琦。

(轉載自 2014 香港人醒覺)

Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Rap is usually not my cup of tea, but this time it is an exception worth making.

「I rap the police, I rap the government」

Hong Kong add oil! However difficult, we have to fight on!