Save Hong Kong from China

Save Hong Kong from China
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Friday, 31 October 2014

BBC accused of inaccurate report claiming HK protestors received training

The BBC is accused of an inaccurate report which claimed the protestors in Hong Kong received training by participants of Oslo Freedom Forum:

The Western media haven't got a clue what is happening in Hong Kong. Let me offer some help...

The Occupy Central with Love and Peace (OCLP), which Benny Tai is one of the three mainly responsible, has no control over the current occupation in HK, since the beginning and at any point throughout. The occupation was started as a spontaneous and self-organized reaction to the police's use of teargas against student protests on Sept 28. The current occupation is not in any shape or form close to what OCLP organizers had in mind (more on this below), and many occupiers are not supporters of any organizations who claim to be leading or organizing this, OCLP included. Hence while it might be true that OCLP or whoever might have received training or trained some would-be participants, it is indeed untrue to claim that the current protestors (who are mainly student supporters, not OCLP supporters) are trained.

The Western media take the simplistic view that there are the pro-Beijing forces, and there are the pro-democracy parties, in HK. What you do not know is that people in HK are getting increasingly frustrated by the "mainstream" pro-democracy political parties and organisations, of which OCLP is one. For the last 30 years these mainstream parties controlled and dominated how the pro-democracy camp think and act. Most importantly they hold a "moderate" view and emphasize peaceful actions and even "love", against a brutal dictatorial regime (China). Their protests are in name only; they never really wanted their protests to have any real effect, for any revolutionary change may actually jeopardize their own established status. What they want is the occupation of moral high ground without having to make any real sacrifice.

Going back to OCLP, their initial plan was for protestors to simply sit down and wait for the police to arrest them, and they would not resist arrest or defend themselves when the police do so. In fact they did give ridiculous "training" to would-be participants on "how to behave peacefully and do not resist arrest" (yes, you read it correctly). They have been talking about this occupation since early 2013 but have avoided and postponed doing it as much as they could. In fact, if not for that fact that the students (Joshua Wong and co.) broke into a government-barricaded public square outside the government HQ on Sept 26 (a "violent" action that OCLP no doubt would not have approved of, had they knew it in advance), none of this would have happened - we would still be "talking" about occupying Central. In fact Central is still never occupied (the occupied areas are Admiralty, Mong Kok and Causeway Bay.) And once it started, the OCLP has tried to persuade the occupiers to disband on numerous occasions (almost on a daily basis). That's why the current occupiers would not listen to OCLP.

I think the BBC may be a bit bemused by their (OCLP's) reaction to the report; the BBC might think they are praising them when their report claimed that they are trained by those in the Oslo Forum. But OCLP and their kind of "moderate", mainstream parties are enslaved by the idea of "it is wrong to organize a revolution and overthrow the government", and "it is even more wrong to have foreign involvement in such activities". They have been actively denying that this is the "Umbrella Revolution", and renamed it as "Umbrella Movement". This is another reason why the more "aggressive" pro-democracy protestors despise the OCLP and the like.

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