Save Hong Kong from China

Save Hong Kong from China
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Monday, 28 September 2015

UK's Chinese-made nuclear plant, and George Osborne's face

UK guarantees £2bn nuclear plant deal as China investment announced

"... China was expected to lead the construction of a Beijing-designed nuclear station at the Essex site."

Perhaps you have not heard the famous quote from Jackie Chan that "everything made in China will explode". Not to mention handing over such sensitive, key to national security, projects to China. But then the West was peaceful for too long. UK relies on France for aircraft carriers, and France even make warships for Russia. That's how ridiculous things are at the moment.

I always feel there is something wrong about George Osborne's face. It is like he is wearing a human skin face mask. When he speaks, the facial muscles just don't feel right. His eyes suggest he does not believe in what he says, or he may not even know what he is saying. Though such a face is the perfect one to capture the evil behind modern politicians - they betray their own country, sell it to foreign powers for the own personal benefit, and only for the short term. They don't even care that their children (or even themselves should they live long enough) will suffer from a radioactive disaster.

"Compassion is wrong."

I can't stop laughing when I see leftists suffer from their own political stance:

(1) How they cope with the burst of their ideological bubbles when faced with harsh reality. Yeah, one million people a year, of a completely different culture. Now you know (well, part of) Hong Kong people's sufferings, and why we call them "locusts".

(2) How they try to justify their contradictory beliefs. Like whether women should cover themselves up to avoid agitating people of a different culture - even if you are in your own country, Germany, and they are the one coming in and apparently needing your help. I wonder what feminists have to say...

Even though my laughs are short-lived as I know full well that once they are in Germany, they can go to UK soon due to this profoundly stupid idea of "free movement of people".

Why compassion is the last thing this refugee crisis needs

To quote Davros: "Compassion is wrong." " a cancer... it will kill you in the end." Very true if you are the one running the country, making policies - you have to use your head, and not let your emotion overrun logic.

(Yes, I know the episodes are meant to convince people the opposite, but I think he is right.)

Monday, 7 September 2015

左膠當道 歐洲永無寧日

Lining up to welcome the migrants? Opening your homes for them? Europeans have been intoxicated in left-wing philosophies for decades, you wonder whether they will ever wake up or is this the end to the European civilization this time. I don't know who are worse, the European leftists or the Hong Kong left plastics: at least the Europeans do what they believe (those HK left plastics will never open their own homes for Chinese immigrants) but they are just too naive and "true-heart".

I have no time to translate (but these probably come from the West anyway)
but the key points are:

1) The drown little boy and his family are not really refugees. They were originally affected by the war but have since settled in Turkey, having a largely stable life. Then the father insists to take the risks, for economic reasons.

2) Many pictures far more horrific, of true refugees dying in the warzone, received little attention.

3) Those marching towards Europe (including the family of the little boy) are in fact the better-off ones; they have the money to pay the smugglers, they have
iphone and GPS to guide their paths. The true victims are still at those camps near Syria's border.

(This is not too dissimilar to HK: the left plastics keep saying that those Chinese immigrants are poor and need help, when they are in fact the better off one, being able to pay bribes etc to apply to come here. Many have property, business in China.)

4) Economic reasons are their true motive; if they are only fleeing away from the conflict, surely Greece is safe enough. (Why do they think they have a God-given right to pick the country they like anyway?) The fact that they are overwhemingly male, at working age, and physically strong enough to travel all the way and even charge towards riot police, is further proof of this. Many of them are also not Syrians or Iraqis.

Some other points:

1) Taking all the population and leaving the empty land to... IS? That's your strategy to the crisis? Surely you should finish the conflict (and there is no other way than waging a proper full-on war against IS and Assad), rebuild the country, and then re-settle the population back in their own country?

And in the meantime, temporary settlement of them in Europe is acceptable in my view, but not permanent citizenship.

2) Just like those Chinese migrants in North America feeling "patriotic" and supporting the communist Chinese regime (even though that is what they escaped from), and those "British" citizens who hate British values and join IS, we can already see what will happen to some of these "refugees" in Germany. Is Germany going to follow Britain's path, allowing the ethnic "minority" culture to take over their own? At least Britain is beginning to wake up...

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