Save Hong Kong from China

Save Hong Kong from China
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Monday, 28 September 2015

UK's Chinese-made nuclear plant, and George Osborne's face

UK guarantees £2bn nuclear plant deal as China investment announced

"... China was expected to lead the construction of a Beijing-designed nuclear station at the Essex site."

Perhaps you have not heard the famous quote from Jackie Chan that "everything made in China will explode". Not to mention handing over such sensitive, key to national security, projects to China. But then the West was peaceful for too long. UK relies on France for aircraft carriers, and France even make warships for Russia. That's how ridiculous things are at the moment.

I always feel there is something wrong about George Osborne's face. It is like he is wearing a human skin face mask. When he speaks, the facial muscles just don't feel right. His eyes suggest he does not believe in what he says, or he may not even know what he is saying. Though such a face is the perfect one to capture the evil behind modern politicians - they betray their own country, sell it to foreign powers for the own personal benefit, and only for the short term. They don't even care that their children (or even themselves should they live long enough) will suffer from a radioactive disaster.

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