Save Hong Kong from China

Save Hong Kong from China
(from 麥兜噹噹伴我心)

Sunday, 17 May 2015






(This is not exactly a translation but rather inspired by the above)

The old "pro-democracy" camp in Hong Kong (or "leftplastics") believe that the younger generation, who fight for independence, "has fallen into the trap of the Chinese communist party (CCP)", and that "it gives excuse for the CCP to not grant us democracy because you are fighting for independence and not democracy."

This reveals the fundamental problem with these pseudo-leftists and why they never achieved anything: they believe the people should not do anything rebellious; just look pitiful and hope that the CCP one day will be in a charitable mood to give you democracy. The rising "localists" see that it is clearly never going to happen; whether you want democracy, or independence, or anything else, you have to fight for it. This is the true "awakening" - all earlier claims of awakening, e.g. after the June 4 massacre, are merely deeper levels of dreams and in fact, those are the real traps - to instil people with nationalist thoughts so they cannot emotionally separate themselves from China.

The leftplastics have always been highly cooperative with the CCP: they campaigned for the "reunification" of HK to China, insist on the "one country" principle and are against Taiwan, Tibet etc separating from China. All these despite knowing full well the atrocious, brutal nature of the CCP. These leftplastics have dominated the stage for the last 30 years (and are still portrayed by the western media as the only force against Beijing), but they have reached the end of their path: whether they like it or not, the rise of localism is inevitable.

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