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Save Hong Kong from China
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Friday, 10 July 2015

陶傑論民族性; racial hatred vs class hatred

陶傑 左翼霸權 20150625






(I always wonder what would happen if I translate Tsao Chip's controversial articles... Again, the "translation" has my additional thoughts in it and does not completely represent his opinion.)

"Men are better at rational thinking while women are more emotional," is a classic "discrimination against women": feminists accuse that it suggests women lack the ability to reason rationally (but they will not say that the same sentence is a discrimination against men, that men are cold and emotionless). For decades, leftists in the West made the "social science" academia into a mess. Freedom of expression is under threat by the leftists' constant accusations of discrimination and the taboo of racism.

One could say that the study of "ethnic characteristics" is no longer considered an academically rigorous branch of anthropology. Moreover its "labelling" of different ethnicities helped justify racism, which was then further used by Hitler to justify the Holocaust. It is therefore not only an outdated but a dangerous idea. However, one can also say that Marxism and its labelling of capitalists and the proletariat is also obsolete and not rigorous (it fails to explain the existence of middle-class, knowledge-based economy, etc). It is arguably even more dangerous: Marx inspired Lenin, who further inspired Mao Zedong and Pol Pot, who provoked class hatred among people to kill millions of people in the Far East (a fact that some Western leftists are still unwilling to accept.)

If racial hatred can be attributed to the study of "ethnic characteristics", then Marxism should be blamed for class hatred and the millions of lives it took. Which brings us to my main point - leftists happily accuse people of racial hatred every day, while spending all their lives trying to spread and provoke class hatred.

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