Save Hong Kong from China

Save Hong Kong from China
(from 麥兜噹噹伴我心)

Thursday, 12 September 2013

First Post

Hong Kong is dying. It is dying from the colonisation of China. Something that you will never find out on mainstream Western media, partly because many Chinese correspondents working in Western media are themselves mainland Chinese (hardly surprising) and share their "values." For example, this BBC journalist, Juliana Liu, fabricated that HK people refer to the Philippines people as cockroaches. While there was intense opposition from HK people to grant them permanent residency, no one refers to them as such; it seems the journalist made it up just to diffuse the issue of Chinese "locusts" invading HK, so it sounded like "ah, HK people are all racist, they refer to everyone else as cockroaches, locusts etc." (We did use the term locust, and quite rightly so.)

Sadly, many locals are not aware of this invasion, or pretend not to know it or try not to think about it. So this blog and our main site contains both Chinese and English articles, and the hope is to raise awareness of this crisis among everyone.

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