Save Hong Kong from China

Save Hong Kong from China
(from 麥兜噹噹伴我心)

Monday, 5 December 2016



Hong Kong left-plastics often simultaneously use two contradictory arguments: "Don't-make-commies-happy" and "Don't-make-commies-angry". See the links for more details (in Chinese... one day I will write the English version...)

As it happens, those in the West are the same. Before Trump was elected, everyone accuses him of being friendly with Russia and China, and those countries will be most pleased to see a Trump win, and therefore it is wrong to vote for Trump. Now that Trump has called the Taiwanese president to anger China, the very same bunch of people come out to criticize him of provoking China.

(And of all the reasons not to support Trump, this one is the most ridiculous. Yes, he has said Putin-friendly things, but who are you, of all people, to accuse him of this? All the Russia aggression in Crimea, Syria, etc, happened under Obama, Clinton etc. What have you done about it, other than sounding fierce? Sanctions? Please. It is the western world's weakness that encouraged the Putin aggression.)

As another example of their double standards, when they lost the Brexit vote, they said it shouldn't count because even though the yes vote won 52:48, the turnout was only 70% or so, so the yes supporters were only 35% of the country and so "the majority did not vote for Brexit". And when they lose the US elections they then say that "we won the majority vote" (when the turnout was only around 50%).

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